Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Talk Shows, Take 1: Shut Up!!!

Why do I do this to myself? I get up every Sunday morning, turn on Meet the Press, and grumble and grouse. The two main guests on MTP this morning are surrogates for Barack Obama and John McCain, David Axelrod and Steve Schmidt respectively. They're both tools.

Schmidt, for his part, actually defined "victory" in Iraq. He said something about an Iraqi government that is able to defend its own boundaries. Umm, OK. But that is "winning the war?" That's not winning the war, that's letting us off the hook for the occupation. Still, he's one of the first I've heard who even couched his words in those terms. Of course, Schmidt also kept repeating the lie about Obama raising taxes on the middle class, so he gains no points anyway.

But the main thing I kept thinking when hearing the back-and-forth is, for an election that is about change, this is exactly politics as usual. Spin artists on the tee-vee, pretending their guy is perfect, and the other guy is some boob that would wreck the country inside a week. Neither side acknowledged that their candidate would likely have to scrap their entire economic plan to fit the new government bailout program. Schmidt strongly implied that McCain Mighty Moused his way to DC and saved the country by steering the Congress the right way. Pure B.S.

Where do they find these guys?

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