Thursday, June 28, 2012

CNN Unhappy With Itself After Obamacare Fumble

Uhhh. . .no. Not so much. Image from Buzzfeed.
I'm actually kind of glad that I was listening to a CBS News radio station, and didn't get the big fake-out that Obamacare had been ruled unconstitutional when it hadn't. On the other hand, I wonder what that moment would have felt like, being very disappointed, only to learn moments later. . .fooled ya! It's upheld! That was probably an interesting sensation. But surely not so fun in reverse, for conservatives.

And even less fun if you work for CNN--who blew the story--or FOX "News" (nah, they probably don't care), and those in the media who picked up CNN's blunder.


CNN News Staffers Revolt Over Blown Coverage

News staffers at the cable network CNN, long the gold standard in television news, were on the verge of open revolt Thursday after CNN blew the coverage on the most consequential news event of the year.  As Chief Justice John Roberts began reading his decision on the future of President Obama's health care overhaul, the CNN team inside the courtroom jumped the gun, believing that Roberts was saying the individual mandate was unconstitutional and would be overturned. . .

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  1. They had their Dewey Defeats Truman moment.


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