Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Orly Taitz Gets to Finish on The Stephanie Miller Show

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After a back-and-forth of commentary on The Stephanie Miller Show, about Orly Taitz, followed by an internet message from Orly about Steph (and so on), a meeting was finally set up. The on-air crew was skeptical that the birther queen would actually show up, but she ultimately did.

I heard the interview on the radio at work, so I'm kind of sorry that this video clip is so short. It was actually quite a good interview, with Steph asking questions in a measured, cool way. Not respectful, not exactly. I mean, could you pull that off? But she managed not to ruffle Orly's feathers while getting some digs in.

The whole birther conspiracy theory ought to have played out by now, since their entire premise is shaky. There is zero evidence that Mrs. Obama was ever in Kenya, and it is difficult to put together any story that would make sense. In addition, every part of their splintered, multi-track conspiracy theory has been debunked (go here, if you don't believe me). So, Orly is singing a tired song. Still, it was entertaining radio.


Orly Taitz Compares Self To Nelson Mandela and Thurgood Marshall, Accuses Obama's Mother Of Fraud

Birther queen Orly Taitz compared herself to Nelson Mandela and Thurgood Marshall, claimed President Barack Obama could be deported and accused Obama's mother of fraud during a radio interview Tuesday morning. . .

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