Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blast from the Past: Supernatural TV

I had a foreshortened weekend this time, and am frankly a little out of the blogging mood this summer. I'm not going anywhere, but I'm having a hard time getting going! So, this week's Blast from the Past is a rerun from a couple of years ago. A fresh one next week, for sure!


I was wracking my brain for ideas for my weekly Blast from the Past feature. I was having trouble, but I guess my brain has slid into horror of late. But I wanted something slightly different from that.  Currently on TV, we have quite a selection of supernatural programs, from. . .well. . .Supernatural to The Vampire Diaries.  But there have been many supernatural shows from the past, so I thought I'd see how many I could find on the YouTubes.

1. Dark Shadows - Long before Passions, the granddaddy of supernatural soap operas aired daily to thrilled housewives. I remember catching a few--with Kate Jackson!--at the babysitter's.
2. Bewitched - On the lighter side of the supernatural is one of my all-time favorite comedies. Sure, Darren (both of him) was kind of a sexist dick (!), but Sam was just humoring him. She did what she wanted.
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I couldn't make this list without including Joss Whedon, could I?.
4. The X-Files - Boy do I miss Scully and Mulder. Fringe helps make up for it though.
5. Twin Peaks - Probably the fastest flameout of a hit show ever.
6. Tales from the Dark Side - This was one of the lower-rent anthology shows. But it probably paved the way for the higher profile Tales from the Crypt. And speaking of that one. . .
7. Tales from the Crypt - Of all the anthology series, this one was my favorite.
8. Friday the 13th: The Series - This one had nothing to do with the Jason Voorhees movie saga, except for the producers and Paramount. It had to do with cursed antiques, something that has been redone here and there without attribution.

Okay, and so after that, I'll try to leave the supernatural/scary/horror stuff alone for a while!

Happy Monday!

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