Thursday, June 21, 2012

Randi Rhodes Interviews Cher

Randi Rhodes--the liberal radio hostess, not the dead rock star--is an acquired taste. She has a brash style, outspoken liberal views (for which she has been offered more money to convert to conservative schtick), and a Brooklyn accent. I discovered her when looking for The O'Franken Factor (later The Al Franken Show) in 2004. I very quickly acquired the taste, and have followed her all over my (computer simulated) radio dial ever since.

Cher is more like a re-acquired taste. She's had so many career comebacks, she should have her own entry in the Guinness Book. Singer, actress, info-mercial queen and a helluva broad, her storied career is the envy of any starlet (or drag queen). She's won awards for everything, been in numerous hit movies, and had a hit song in each of six decades. Probably soon to be seven (UPDATE: If you count US Club Hits, she's already to seven decades of hits!).

The two teamed up for a radio interview on Randi's show, because Right-Wing World has come crashing down on Cher for tweeting her mind. A week or two ago. Yeah, I don't get it either. But as Randi says, if picking on Cher is a high point of your agenda? Yeah, you've got nothing. She's freakin' Cher!

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