Friday, June 8, 2012

Iz Mah Huzbin's Birfday. . .No Blogging for Now!

Not my husband.

Yes, I've been away from the blog, but it has been due to the planning and prep for my husband's 51st birthday. Not a milestone, but important nonetheless! So, while I'm away, mull on this. . .

A few weeks ago, when the Dow was over 13,000, there were breathless reports that we had logged the highest numbers in years. Financial gurus were ecstatic. Then, we had a few weeks of progressive negative numbers, going deep into the 12,000s, but really only with a couple of really bad single days. Nothing but doom and gloom from the financial press, we're talking as recently as a few days ago. Now, CNBC reports: Stocks Post Biggest Weekly Gains of 2012, now reports are mostly rosy! Ah, to be business pundit or writer! You never have to be right, and you get to keep your job.

Anyway, I'll probably be back later, but have a lot going on this end. See you when I see you!

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