Monday, June 25, 2012

Supreme Court Cuts Down Arizona Immigration Law

Keeping up with the Cardassians.
The Supreme Court has had everyone on pins and needles for the last several days, promising to release opinions, tantalizing us with a few, and saving the rest for later. Most of the big stuff is out, except for the ruling on the health care mandate. That, it would seem, they are saving until the very last minute. So, more on that later.

Meanwhile, Governor Bone-finger Jan Brewer was kind of smacked down by the Supremes, with her crowning achievement largely gutted. She played it off like a win, but it wasn't. Three fourths of it was declared unconstitutional, and the fourth part is still under review. I'm glad the law is mostly done away with, because it just seemed like one of the top ten ways Republicans can be mean (in an endless list), and it just isn't necessary. And, while I can hardly tolerate Jan Brewer's fake-gloating, it's better than real gloating, and I'm sure she's not so happy-clappy on the inside.


High court strikes down key parts of Arizona immigration law

. . .The justices struck down three other parts of the law:
  • One making it a crime for an illegal immigrant to work or to seek work in Arizona;
  • One which authorized state and local officers to arrest people without a warrant if the officers have probable cause to believe a person is an illegal immigrant;
  • And one that made it a state requirement for immigrants to register with the federal government. . .
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