Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gay Parenting Study Not All it's Cracked Up to Be

Back when California's Proposition 8 case was in court, the defense had a terrible time with their case, chiefly, studies of gay parents vs. straight parents, and the fact that no study said one was worse or better than the other. Now, the very fact that parenting was even part of a marriage equality case shows you that anti-gay activists love to go off on tangents, especially "oh, won't someone please think of the children?"

As anyone with a working brain knows, having children is not a prerequisite of marriage, and unmarried people pop them out all the time. It's a red herring. But it's a red herring they are deeply attached to. So, it apparently became very important to prove that gay parents are somehow worse than a heterosexual mom and pop are. And so they did. Here's a hint for why your antennae should go up: the first two publications to tout this new study were The Washington Times (Rev. Moon's arch conservative paper) and Deseret News, a Mormon paper. Mormons--if you didn't know--are one of the main powers behind the scenes in restricting marriage equality.

So, that seemed like a tipoff. And I was right. There's a ton wrong with this study. But again: what does any of that have to do with marriage? If same-sex marriage were ended and prohibited all over the world, there are still going to be gay parents.


ABC's Carrie Gann sugarcoats anti-gay study paid for by anti-gay activists

. . .Not only does ABC bury the fact that the "study" was funded by anti-gay conservatives, but ABC's reporter Carrie Gann goes on to exonerate the conservatives and their study from any perception of bias (because, somehow, she knows it's really a good study). . .

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