Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SCOTUS Kills 100-year-old Montana Campaign Finance Law

Ladies and gentlemen, The Supremes!
I really don't get it. I thought that with the proliferation of gazillions of dollars in the wake of the Citizens United case, that the Supreme Court would begin to see the error of their ways. Instead, they've just reaffirmed it. Maybe not enough time has yet passed. Maybe it's a pride thing. Oddly, the original case wasn't even asking the question that SCOTUS ultimately answered: can corporations give unlimited money to political campaigns? Yes! Because every American believes that there just haven't been enough political ads!

My only hope is, that we as Americans get so burned out on the blizzard of ads, that we all get itchy for a constitutional amendment. Without a change in the court, it's the only way.


Supreme Court rejects Montana campaign finance limits

The Supreme Court on Monday struck down Montana’s attempt to limit campaign contributions, citing the Citizens United ruling that opened the floodgates for unlimited corporate campaign spending. The 5-4 ruling was made on partisan lines, with the conservative majority voting to summarily dismiss the Montana case without oral arguments. . .

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