Saturday, June 23, 2012

Steven Weber: The FOX "News" Disservice Industry

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It's been a while since I've posted a piece by Steven Weber (blogger/actor/twitterer), a guy who feels like he's extracting ideas from my brain, and then putting them into much better--and funnier--words than I'm capable of. I've used a lot of words, some of them funny, to describe FOX "News," but Weber really has something with this piece.


Disservice Industry

A product is usually created to improve people's lives, otherwise, why buy it? I'm no genius, but I am an American and gosh-darnit I consume, so I know what I'm talking about. . . 

. . .But now see, where Fox News is concerned, there's a problem. It seems that what that particular product advertises right up front is at odds with the reality of what it does. And a lot of consumers buy it thinking they're going to get one thing but what they are really getting is something else entirely. . . 

 . . .But Fox News seems pretty light on the "news" part and awfully heavy on the "fox" part. . .

Read all of it at: Huffington Post

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