Friday, June 1, 2012

DC's Green Lantern of Earth Two is Gay

"Coming out" in the DC Universe apparently causes
a great deal of pain! Image from Rolling Stone.
My first thought about DC Comics' Earth Two version of Green Lantern being gay was: "But, isn't he like 100?" Yes, he would be. But this is a re-boot of Earth Two, which follows the umpteenth reboot of the DC Universe. My comics obsession culminated in the first reboot, Crisis on Infinite Earths, which came about because of some tangled history, and the progressing age of some characters. Since then, there has been a string of other reboots, which I couldn't hope to untangle.

The original Green Lantern. Image from (I'm not
kidding, but it is appropriate) Green Lantern
Butts Forever
Which makes the gay revelation of Alan Scott, the new Earth Two's Green Lantern kind of a letdown. Sure, he's a character who first appeared in 1940. A character whose son (in earlier continuity) was an early gay comics character. But this isn't the same guy, he just shares a name. And he was second-string, even in his heyday. It's cool that DC was willing to do it, and I'm sure they won't get much blowback, except for those who already screech about anything concerning "the gay." And hey, at least it wasn't The Creeper or Brother Power, The Geek!


Green Lantern comes out as gay in DC Comics' 'Earth Two'

When DC Comics relaunched its fictional world from scratch last fall, some aspects of the DC mythos temporarily fell by the wayside, such as the notion of parallel worlds featuring different versions of the company's iconic heroes. . .

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