Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Right-wing World: Fast & Furious, Dragged from the Fringe to the Capitol

For a long time, I've seen and heard the right wing going bonkers over "Fast & Furious," a failed so-called "gunwalking" program, started under the Bush administration, and continuing under Obama. Now, when it comes to law enforcement programs gone bad, ending in deaths of some people, I say investigate. Go for it. Get to the bottom of it, and make sure that stuff doesn't happen again.

But this isn't really about that. The right's desire is to turn Fast & Furious into a Watergate-level scandal. And it's also an incoherent conspiracy theory, in which Obama is going to take all of your guns away, after turning public sentiment against them, by letting them get into the wrong hands. Or something. It's moved from a very hinky, conspiracy theorist blogger named Michael Vanderboegh, all the way up to the House of Representatives, and Congressman Derrell Issa (a guy with his own problems with guns and whatnot).  Anyway, if it's all Greek to you, maybe this will help. It's (again) Rachel Maddow, and (again) kind of lengthy, but it is interesting, entertaining, and you might at least get an inkling of what your crazy FOX-watchin' uncle is going on about.

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