Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wisconsin's Wanker Walker Wins (And Turds Sometimes Float)

Image from source, Politico
I'm a little surprised. I mean, I figured that all of that money had a good shot of buying a winner, I just thought it would be closer. Or maybe a surprise loss. Though I don't have a lot of emotional investment in this fight, it is disheartening to see what Citizens United hath wrought. A dweebie, uncharismatic, radical rightist holds onto his job in Wisconsin of all places? This is a place where Obama still--just today--polls above Romney. Another thought: Walker gave a victory speech. In an election that was akin to an impeachment that failed. Did Bill Clinton give a victory speech? It just seems like there should be a little humility.

And so it goes. And think of this. Whenever the huge infusion of cash into Walker's coffers is brought up, people on the right shriek, "UNIONS! The unions give money to Democrats!" Yes, they do. Which is exactly why Scott Walker and his compatriots are trying to bust unions. And with this success under their belt, where are we at if money always buys the winner? Is this the real Republican Permanent Majority that Karl Rove dreamed of? I have to hope not.


Wisconsin recall: Walker wins

A two-year saga of recall elections, public demonstrations, litigation and legislative walkouts drew to a finish Tuesday as Wisconsin voters turned out in massive numbers and voted to keep Republican Gov. Scott Walker in office.  A half-dozen states are casting ballots today in House and Senate primary elections, but it was on Wisconsin — the site of a historic Democratic campaign to oust a sitting governor — where the eyes of the political world were trained. . .

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