Friday, June 22, 2012

The Keystone XL Pipeline

Here's a question for my Republican friends: why do you guys have such a chubby for the Keystone XL pipeline? I mean, it would create some temporary jobs--politicians can't seem to decide between 5,000. . .12,000. . .or just the random thousands--but is that it? I mean, there has been very little movement in the GOP on any other kinds of jobs (except cutting them). So, that can't be it. Can it be that Republicans just love big oil? Is it the nefarious Koch Brothers and their attendant back-room policy making?

From what I've read, this pipeline would go through a major portion of the nation's aquifers. It's going from Canada--where they're milking this tar-sands oil--and pipe it to the Gulf of Mexico. On top of the potential for spills (which the oil companies have shown no competence for cleaning up or containing), environmental scientists say that if all of the tar-sands oil is eventually burned, it's essentially "game over" for our current ecology.

I'm no scientist, but that sounds worth paying attention to. I read DC Comics, and I understand what happened when the politicians didn't listen to scientist Jor-El of Krypton. I certainly don't think you just throw caution to the wind, and build that sucker just because John Boehner gets all tingly thinking about it.


Republicans Holding Nearly 3 Million Transportation Jobs Hostage For 6,000 Temporary Oil Jobs

With as many as 2.9 million new and existing jobs on the line, House Republicans are refusing to pass a transportation reauthorization bill, even after the Senate’s version of the bill overwhelmingly passed through the upper chamber in a 74-22 bipartisan vote. . .

Read more at: Think Progress


  1. It's even more ironic because most of that Canadian oil is going to end up in Latin America. The right-wing voters who support this stupid project (and also want to open ANWR to drilling) naively believe it will boost US energy supplies and bring down prices. Actually, it will simply boost profits for multi-national oil companies. How many right-wingers know that the US is now a net exporter of fuel?

  2. Yeah, I don't know which is worse, the fact that so many right-wingers' understanding of the oil market is so ignorant; or that people like Rush Limbaugh--who know better--take them for rubes when they explain Keystone or Drill, Baby, Drill.


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