Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Romney Dazzled by Convenience Store Touch Screen

Image from Raw Story

The issue of Mitt Romney ordering a sub from Wawa, and his subsequent, tedious description of the place probably shouldn't be newsworthy. But it is only the latest in a long, long series of attempts to "humanize" the RomneyBot 3000. And like all the others, it failed spectacularly.

A typical Wawa outlet. Source: Wawa.com.

I don't know if it's his status as a life-long multimillionaire, and thus he can't relate to the average Joe. You wouldn't think that an alpha male, one who was a missionary--convincing enough to convert people to a ridiculous* religion--would be socially awkward. Then again, maybe in the boardroom, or the country club, he gets on famously with Skip and Buffy Worthington III. Trouble is, to the rest of us, he's as relatable as Thurston Howell III.


Romney says gas station’s touch-screen ordering is ‘amazing’

It doesn’t take a lot to impress Mitt Romney. At a campaign stop in Pennsylvania on Sunday, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee told a crowd that he had been astonished by a touch screen computer used to order food at the Wawa gas station chain. . .

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*When I call Mormonism ridiculous, it isn't out of anti-Mormon bigotry. I'm an atheist, and I find religion in general to be preposterous. But Mormons are selling a very tall tale, and it surprises me that anyone buys it. Just sayin'.

UPDATE: As pointed out by Dan, a blogger (and friendly rival) at LasVegasBadger, The Media Research Council (a Brent Bozell/Newsbusters organization) and FOX "News" say that Andrea Mitchell Reports "doctored" the video in question to make Romney look goofier. Were such a thing possible (kidding, Dan, kidding). I'm not sure I see it that way--I'm not sure editing is "doctoring" in every case--but here's the link if you want to check it out: MRC/FOX "News" Debunk of Andrea Mitchell.


  1. I don't know about this. Since he and I suppose 99% of the rest of the Americans probably have never seen a cashier's screen, I would find it amazing as well. Those things have a lot of technology that is amazing.
    Now, it's not like Bush 1 and didn't know anything about the scanners.

  2. Jack in the Box has had touch-screen kiosks for years. But it is less about his amazement than how he goes on about it. He utterly lacks the ability to sound normal when trying to relate to other humans. His language is stiff, and odd. He talks like C. Montgomery Burns! He might say "Davenport" for sofa, or "motor coach" for car, for example. "Picture show" for movie, or oddly "sport" for "athletics." There's just something very off about him.

  3. Ooops, turns out the report by NBC was doctored and Romney looking stupids was completely false.


  4. I disagree that it is "doctored." It is a clip. Clips rarely show entire speeches. If the editing made it appear that Romney was saying one thing when he was really saying another (something Romney and FOX have both done, by the the way), sure. Context is important in many cases. . .I don't see the difference here. No way that lengthy of a clip is going to get played unless he was saying something profound or something, and he wasn't. How about this, I'll give a little, and say that he looks a little less goofy in context. But way more boring!

    Anyway, I'm talking about Romney's very stilted, very unnatural storytelling style and human interactions. Andrea Mitchell didn't invent the way he's talking. Whether or not it's on par with Bush 1's scanner thing I'll leave to history, but I doubt it.


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