Saturday, June 16, 2012

Right Wing "Reporter" Interrupts President Obama

What the hell ever happened to decorum? Propriety? Just because politics has become more polarized than ever (a trend started--it should be noted--by Newt Gingrich), doesn't give douchey Tucker Carlson's douchey reporter the right to interrupt the President of the United States. Good grief, a few years ago, the Dixie Chicks (a singing group beloved at the time by right-wingers) was pilloried. . .run out of town on a friggin' rail for making a mildly insulting joke about President Bush. It was during a time of war, we were told. You must respect the office of the President, if not the man himself, we were told. Oh yeah? Then WTF is this. . .


  1. The deluded and psychotic child king, dictating from his throne, to do ever more damage to the citizenry.

    Amazing, that the Constitutional remedy for waging war against america has not yet been exercised.


  2. In your world then, the label 'right wing' describes those who would question authority. Brilliant!

    What label would you use for the founders, who tarred/feathered/killed the pricks who tried to tax and regulate them, tried to dictate how they could live, and tried to steal their property? They called themselves 'Americans'.

    Buckle up comrade. Americans not only mock petty dictators. We kill them and their followers, and liberate the world from their ilk. Sic Semper Tyrannis. History.

    We live 'in interesting times'. We'll see what the future holds.

  3. Deluded and psychotic? I've rarely heard a politician more measured, more even-tempered, more decorous than Barack Obama. This crazy, Maoist, Marxist, socialist, Kenyan, communist, statist (There! I said it!) psychotic delusional "child king" your side has invented simply doesn't exist. And by the way, the "Dream Act" was originally a Republican idea. Also, Obama has deported more "illegals" than Bush did.

    And yes, "right wing" would describe the Daily Caller. Though I was being generous with the word "reporter." But you'd better watch that "kill them" business. You might get a visit from the Secret Service! (I'm assuming those are both from you, Sofa?)

    1. Left / Right ?
      That's your fantasy.

      The distinction you're overlooking is Liberty or Tyranny.

      Romney's positions match Obama's. Obamaney=strong central gov, dictating and stealing.

      I'll take Liberty.

    2. Only a delusional person would equate Romney with Obama. Is Obama perfect? Nope. But I'd take him over Romney in a heartbeat, if for no other reason than the Supreme Court.

  4. Americans have a fine tradition of killing petty dictators and their fellow travelers. Ask The Tories, or Adolf, or Sadam. Read a book dumbass. It's history.

    Ignoring history is necessary to excuse your ludicrous philosophies, isn't it?

  5. Here’s a table of mass murderers of their own populations in the 20th Century (summary: marxists+facists+socialists killed over 130 million of their own civilian populations in the last century).

    Civilians Killed by their own Governments in the Twentieth Century:
    Soviet Union (Communists) 61,900,000 1917-1990
    China (Communists) 45,200,000 1949-present
    Germany (National Socialists) 20,900,000 1933-1945
    China (Kuomintang) 10,400,000 1928-1949
    Japan (Imperial-Fascist) 6,000,000 1936-1945
    Turkey (Muslims) 2,800,000 1909-1923
    Cambodia (Communists) 2,000,000 1975-1979
    Germany (Communists) 2,000,000 1945-1950
    Vietnam (Communists) 1,700,000 1945-present
    North Korea (Communists) 1,700,000 1948-present
    Poland (Communists) 1,600,000 1945-1948
    Pakistan (Muslims) 1,500,000 1971
    Mexico (Porfiriato) 1,400,000 1900-1920
    Yugoslavia (Communists) 1,100,000 1944-1990
    Russia (Czarist) 1,100,000 1900-1917
    Turkey (Muslims) 900,000 1918-1923
    United Kingdom (Constitutional) 800,000 1900-present
    Portugal (Fascist) 700,000 1926-1975
    Croatia (Fascists) 700,000 1941-1945
    Indonesia (Muslims) 600,000 1965-present

    Embracing marxism/socialism is horrific.
    What's your excuse for being a useful idiot, enabling genocide?

    1. Being philosophically aligned with such mass murderers is horrific. Stalin termed the phrase ‘useful idiots’ to describe those enabling Marxism, who didn’t realize they would be it’s next victims. ‘Boutique Marxists’ like yourself are modern day ’useful idiots’ if you think you’ll somehow avoid the enslavement yourselves. Enabling evil, creating evil, is your karma.

      “From each according to his capabilities. To each according to their needs.” – Describes theft at gun point, from slaves. Embracing Marxism is enabling the initiation of force to take from those who would create and produce. It expresses the desire to steal from your neighbors, to impoverish them, to destroy their businesses, to take generational wealth from them and their children, to destroy the middle class, to enslave them and kill them if they resist.

  6. Communist Gov owns means of production and directs economy
    Facism Gov appoints/controls the civilians who own the means of production (e.g. GM, GE)
    Socialism Private ownership of means of production, under direction/taxation/regulation of Gov

    1. Communism
      Lefty governments, centralized control.
      Tyrants dictating.

  7. from

    By now, the entire spiral arm has heard about the decision of His Majesty Barack Hussein Obama the First (long may he reign) to suspend the enforcement of America's immigration and port-of-entry laws as they pertain to younger illegal aliens. This, of course, is the king's privilege under the American system of unlimited monarchy, so it caused hardly a stir at the royal court, though a few visitors from the provinces were heard to mutter "Can he really do that?"

    We should be profoundly grateful that Providence has bestowed such a wise and generous autocrat upon us. Why, under the previous, never-to-be-revived scheme of Constitutionally defined powers, the president had no lawmaking power. He was obliged to "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed" -- laws made by others of lesser station, some of them mere commoners!

    read it all, at

  8. Thomas Sowell, at

    What socialism, fascism, and other ideologies of the left have in common is an assumption that some very wise people -- like themselves -- need to take decisions out of the hands of lesser people, like the rest of us, and impose those decisions by government fiat.

    The left's vision is not only a vision of the world, but also a vision of themselves, as superior beings pursuing superior ends. In the United States, however, this vision conflicts with a Constitution that begins, "We the People..."

    read the whole thing, at

  9. Don't dare question Thomas, or your a racist!
    And he's decorous, so bow down to him...

  10. I don't know if these are all from you Sofa, or if I have two very similar commenters. But most of this stuff has nothing to do with the subject of the post at all. It sounds quite paranoid, so maybe it IS all you! But even I--apparently a "dumbass" who doesn't read books--know that fascism is a RIGHT-wing authoritarian political system. Political spectrum, look it up.

  11. Mussolini, Hitler... national socialists who 'progressed'

    Sorry James. The left owns facism, was sick of the bad PR, and has been trying to change history to pin it on 'the right'. Look it up yourself.

    Plus, Sowell said it- and to disagree is racist.
    (or were you unable to understand the Sowell article?)

  12. "National Socialist" means something different than the usual definition of socialist, just as some other political words like "liberal." Calling the Nazis left wing is just not accurate.

  13. Keep trying to re-write history. Socialist are lefties.
    Nazi political strategy was anti-big business, anti-bourgeois, and anti-capitalist. Wait, that sounds like Obama!

    Keep trying to say that national socialists aren't socialists. It's funny to watch you try to push the lie that's so transparent.

    Orwell told me that mini-true would redfine the meanings of words, and here it is.

  14. next, can you tell me what the meaning of "is" is?

  15. "As socialists, we are opponents of the Jews, because we see, in the Hebrews, the incarnation of capitalism, of the misuse of the nation's goods."
    -Joseph Goebbels :)

  16. because the nations goods are best controlled/directed by an omnipotent central authority.

    classic socialism.

  17. by "right" do you mean "anything that the media tells you is bad"? It's looking that way.

  18. Did I invent the idea of the political spectrum? You make it sound like I'm part of some conspiracy that is out to get you specifically.

    I'd also like you to explain how Obama is anti-business. Big Business is thriving under Obama. Wall Street has doubled. You act as though you are the only one who can see "the truth," but then you make crap up like that. Quit accusing me of pushing some sort of conspiratorial agenda, using Orwellian newspeak. I'm not.

  19. So much of what you know, just isn't so.

    "The private sector is fine."
    "Big Business is thriving under Obama."


    You don't get out much, do you?
    Visit America, and look at the empty storefronts and commercial real estate.
    And contemplate all the people out of work because businesses no longer exist.

    Only people hiring are Fed.Gov and the Gun/Ammunition manufacturers. Only growth industries left AB, After Barry. Even though people have no money, Gun sales keep setting records, and then breaking those records. It must be because the future's so bright.

  20. Guns and ammo sell, because right-wingers are convinced that Obama is gonna come for 'em, because. . .well, I don't know why. Corporations are sitting on trillions of dollars, and the Dow has gone from the 6000s to the 12000s since Obama took over. Yes, there are closed storefronts, and things aren't peachy. I don't see how it's Obama's fault, but okay, you think what you want.

    I've said often you confuse me, and you don't disappoint here. You act as though you're above right/left, that they're all the same, and blah, blah. But then you come out sounding like Sean Hannity or Mark Levin when you talk about Obama. You complain a lot about America as it is today (and has been for more than a century), but you don't really seem to have a solution. You have a vague ideal America in your head that you never spell out. And you take five posts to respond to one. Can you distill it down for me: whattaya want, and howyagonna get it? And do you have a nameable political philosophy, or are you an army of one?



  22. The left is in denial that they support facism, and the rino-right is in denial that they support socialism.

    The realists are analyzing data and making decisions. Businesses are seeing the truth, and are sitting on trillions of dollars. Financially struggling, record numbers of people are seeing the truth- And they're buying guns&ammo.

    Me? My philosophy is Liberty. What I want is for you'all to leave me alone, stop stealing from me and mine. I don't pretend to be a god-king and have a plan for civilization, like you lefties. I just try to do what's natural, what has always worked best throughout history, what's best for my family and local community, and work to lessen the burden you marxists place on me and mine.

    The rest of you can go and do any darn thing you please, as long as you don't tread on me. Go f*ck yourselves: You have my blessing.

  23. All right then, Sofa, enjoy yourself. I have no intention of stealing from you or enslaving you any more than you do to me. And if they put you in jail for tax evasion, I promise to be a "please don't kill Sofa" activist.

    I do think you could do well to relax a little bit. Somemetimes, politicians you don't like are NOT actively hoping to enslave or kill you. Sometimes, their ideologies are just different from yours. Chillax, buddy, you sound a little stressed.

  24. I often confuse marxists, because they have no experience with the ideas that are at the foundation of the country that was America.

    We Americans also confused the Tories.
    Check out the Virgina State Seal on wikipedia.
    "Sic Semper Tyrannis."

    So simple, you claim it's complicated.
    I reject your attempt to force me to do what you want. I will not be your slave. Simple.

    Consider that, everytime you wanto coerce people with the threat of enforcers. Sometimes, the slaves don't appreciate being dictated to.

  25. No stress here.
    "I am a Free man, living in a Free Land."

    The rest of you'all are in for a rough ride.
    I'll just sit back with the popcorn and watch the accelerating kerfuffle, and chuckle at what you marxists boneheads brought upon yourselves. Karma.

  26. And you: Can you distill it down for me: whattaya want, and howyagonna get it? And do you have a nameable political philosophy

  27. I'm not trying to make you do anything, why do you keep saying that? You've got me confused with somebody else or something. Also I've never been a Marxist. I prefer Abbot and Costello. But trust me, with this little bitty blog, if I were trying to be a dictator or some kind of slave master, I wouldn't get very far.

    1. Liberal Democrat forcing me to pay for abortions and running guns into Mexico, and internet surveillance in violation of the 4th Amendment. You force businesses to shut down due to over-regulation, put millions out of work, crazily inflate the money, and send oil prices high by executive orders. You enable that. You support it. It's yours.

  28. You openly support&enable marxism.
    You are one of Stalin's "useful idiots".
    You enable evil, but deny your role.

    Ignorance is bliss, huh?

  29. Yep. I want to live my life as happily and as trouble-free as I can. I hope to live as long as life is enjoyable, and to not have to suffer or cause others sufferning. Golden rule, pursuit of happiness and whatnot. My political philosophy is no secret, I'm a liberal Democrat. Not a radical, not a moonbat, just a garden variety. That's about it. I'm not a radical, I'm assuredly no Marxist. I used to be a Republican!

    My questions to you were not meant to be flippant. You seem to be alone in your crusade, and I just wondered if there were others like you, and what they're called.

    1. We're called "Americans".

  30. I'm an ordinary, average guy. If that makes me a Marxist in your book, fine. I wouldn't be in anyone else's.

  31. You support the drone killings.
    You support the gun running to kill Mexicans.
    You support the destruction of rule of Constitutional law, and destruction of small business, the unemployment of a generation.
    You support the destruction of our infrastructure, economy, money, and military.

    Hope it turns out for you like you hoped it would.

    1. After WW2, there were no Germans who admitted to being national socialists. At Nuremburg- No one was responsible, they argued. Just ordinary guys. They didn't pull the trigger. They just enabled it.

      Well here and now, you are responsible for the marxism you enable.
      Or do you pretend that supporting evil, doesn't make you evil?

  32. You support and enable marxists.
    That makes you (drumroll) a marxist.

    Or do you tell yourself that your actions to enable marxism don't have any consequences? That lives are businesses aren't destroyed by those you empower?

  33. What do you think you mean when you say 'liberal democrat'?

    Mini-True definition

  34. One can be a liberal Democrat without supporting everything in your list. We have a binary political system, and align ourselves with the side that fits best. It isn't perfect, but it's what we've got. However, your list draws conclusions that are not in evidence (for example, Obama=Marxist). From my perspective, Obama is a very moderate Democrat, and in areas hasn't been liberal enough. He's not the wild-eyed radical he is depicted to be, not by a long shot. For instance, the drone strikes you note are much in line with Bush's administration. I would prefer that we got away from that.

    What I mean by a liberal Democrat is that in general, I agree with the Democratic platform, believe in the expansion of civil rights, believe in a strong social safety net, investment in infrastructure and education. I believe in regulations where necessary to improve safety and health. And I believe in sensible reforms to reduce fraud, duplication and waste. I do not believe in the wholesale elimination of regulations and laws for the sake of it. I don't believe in the invisible hand in the marketplace, nor that corporations will do right on their own if left unattended. I believe that if one wants to be part of society and avail oneself of the commons, one must contribute to the commons. Yes, there is an element of socialism in public police, fire, transportation, etc., and do not see that as a bad thing. I am not a communist, in that I think our country is a blend of capitalism and socialism, and for the most part has been for a very long time. We just haven't called it that. I do not agree with laws and judicial decisions that comport only with one's political beliefs, without regard to logic or reason (such as judicial decisions that cow-tow to religion).

    And with your German comparison, Godwin's Law has been invoked, and thus the conversation is at a natural end. But. . .

    If you can't name your political philosophy, identify others who share it, describe how we would get there, or explain what the resulting product would be if enacted, exactly what are you going on about?

  35. "We have a binary political system, and align ourselves with the side that fits best."

    We have a single unitary political system. Two wings of the same party: More government, all the time, just different rationalizations. But always more.

    The majority of people don't want to aggress against others, so we're don't affiliate with either party trying to impose it's will upon others. So the system only contains those working to force others. Broken system, only goes in one direction. A direction the mainstream folks in flyover country don't want. But it keeps pushing, regardless.


    The German discussion is educational, as it exposes what is currently being done here. Of course you refuse to consider it, because it can't be denied, ad crushes your feeble attempts to shirk responsibility for what you are responsible for.


    I've clearly stated my political philosophy, but you refuse to acknowledge it as valid. King George had similar disdain, as did FDR, as does Soetoro, as did Moa, Stalin, Hitler, Caligula, PolPot, Mugabe, Mengistu, and Castro.

    Philosophy? Locke, Jefferson, Bastiat, Spooner, von Mises, Rothbard = individuals have unalienable rights. The philosophy called 'America'. Re-read the grievances in the Declaration. That describes the problem, and also what inevitably comes next. Because that's what your tyranny does from time to time, it demands obedience. But many of us refuse to kneel.

    We won the Magna Carta and the Declaration, because we stood up. How do we proceed now? We just tell you'all "Hell No", just like the last few times. Then you try to force us. Then we win.


    You've stated your philosophy is to take any rights needed to benefit the common good.

    How do you propose to proceed? To keep extracting wealth? A generation ago, we had the most accumulated savings, physical wealth, productive capacity, and we were a breadbasket to the world. Now your ilk has stolen it, and destroyed to goose that laid the golden eggs. The problem is, your philosophy has run out of things to steal. What's your plan now, Einstein?


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