Thursday, June 28, 2012

Republicans Delete Celebratory Tweets on "Obamacare" Decision

For a little while on Thursday morning, many people--even the President--thought that the Affordable Care Act (or, oh-so creatively, "Obamacare") had been rule unconstitutional. CNN heard the first bit of the ruling, misinterpreted it, and ran with it. One wonders if it was worded that way on purpose by whoever typed it up, to dangle that red meat, and then snatch it back! So, tea baggers and the like-minded, had an orgasmic moment, and they took advantage of it. . .and very quickly had to take it back. Oops.


I'm sorry they're not a little juicier, I'll admit. But wait until I find that Jean Schmidt clip!
Source: BuzzFeed

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