Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Newt Gingrich's Case Against Mitt Romney

I know that traditionally "what happens in the primaries, stays in the primaries," in American politics. Of course, that was before YouTube, the Googles, and the internets in general. Everything is researchable, archived, and ready to be replayed or reposted. And when a former candidate made a case so plainly and so clearly, are you telling me it shouldn't be used?

Lately, Mitt Romney has been recycling the fiction that he's not a "career politician," but primarily a business man. I say to that first a) Really? Wasn't George W. Bush the last business man installed as President? How did that work out? and b) Really? What has been Mittens' job these past twelve years or so? But let's give this one to Newt (can you believe the names, Mitt and Newt?).

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