Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rand Paul Tries to Put Conception Amenment to Flood Bill

Image from source, Think Progress
Okay, you guys, just stop it. Stop it, right now! Yes, we know that you care about almost nothing besides abortion, and gettin' the black dude out of the White House. But it's getting old.

The first time I saw a story about a "personhood" bill, I thought it was just sloppy. They couldn't really want to give a zygote full-human-being status, could they? They can't really believe that there is a full-fledged human the day after you've had sex. . .right? But they do. They couldn't really have meant to outlaw some forms of contraception in the process, that was just unfortunate verbiage. Right? Nope, turns out the really crazed anti-abortion crusaders do want contraception banned.

But it doesn't play very well when put to a vote. It lost in Mississippi of all places, badly. And yet they keep trying. While the GOP racked up many victories in 2010, they did it on the promise of jobs, jobs, jobs. On which, they've done nothing. It's all abortion, all the time!


Republican Senator Tries To Add Conception Amendment To Flood Insurance Bill

Floods and abortions are distinctly different topics — except to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who is trying to attach an anti-choice amendment to the Senate’s flood insurance bill. . .

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  1. I always knew that the pro-personhood-for-zygotes crowd had antediluvian attitudes.


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