Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rolling Stone Profiles Rachel Maddow

I know that the blog is a little top-heavy lately with a couple of subjects, namely stuff that happened on The Stephanie Miller Show, or alternatively, on The Rachel Maddow Show. Why such fascination with witty lesbians? I know, I know. Summer blogging is something of a slog, and my topics can get boiled down and reduced to the basics. But indulge me on this one post.

See, I really like Maddow. But often, when I read anything about her, I don't recognize the person they're talking about. Particularly if the story is from a right-leaning writer (or if they have appeared in abundance in the comments section). Commentators will make one of a very few stale jokes (she looks like a dude, something about lesbians, or just Mad Cow), and writers will use adjectives that don't fit, like shrew, brittle, shrill or angry. She is rarely any of those things. The Rolling Stone article below actually captures the real Maddow. I haven't entered the comments section though.


Rachel Maddow's Quiet War

. . .From the start, Maddow's brand is not so much out lesbian or angry liberal, but full-on nerd: the chunky black glasses, the flailing limbs. She doesn't seem to care much about the question that Olbermann has fixed on: So just who is Sarah Palin? "We don't know very much about Governor Palin," Maddow says, when Olbermann finally gives her a chance to speak. "She's basically been a human-interest story in terms of the political press in this country thus far." Then she moves on to what really interests her: not politics as personality but politics as mechanism, not who is winning power but what is being done with it. . .

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