Saturday, June 23, 2012

In Case You Missed It: Stephanie Miller's Live F-Bomb

Image from The Inquisitr
I've said in the past that Randi Rhodes is an acquired taste. Stephanie Miller is also. Since the two of them are friends, I suppose that stands to reason. Where with Randi, you have to grow accustomed to her voice, with Steph, you have to grow accustomed to her style.

If you're hearing The Stephanie Miller Show (or Talking Liberally on CurrentTV) from across the room, you'll hear a series of boinks, burrrps, farts and screeeeaaaams. It will annoy you. But, once you grow accustomed, all of those sound effects and sound cues will cause you to make those noises yourself, and possibly cause a li'l accident that requires cleanup. Stephanie, her voice guy Jim Ward, her producer Chris Lavoie, and their regular guests like Hal Sparks and John Fugelsang are not just very funny, they're very smart. And immature. And inappropriate. And back to funny and smart.

It's a mixture I enjoy and aspire to exhibit. I hope that comes across on my blog, and isn't a grand illusion on my part. Anyway, my sister got me hooked on the show, and elements of it have overrun my blog on occasion. I think I've even scared off Chris from ever responding to a tweet or email because my Linked-In keeps pestering him to add me.

Anyway, the other day, the Supreme Court smacked down some silly indecency rules from the FCC. And Steph just plum lost her shit. And isn't it funny that I can say shit here on the internets as much as I want to (shit! shit! shit!), and nothing happens? And I can put this clip of Stephanie saying fuck (fuck! fuck! fuck!), and the FCC doesn't give a shit! And yet, it is enough to inspire fear (and/or hatred) in producer Chris?

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