Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dan Savage Calls Out "GOProud" and Other Gay Republicans

I have friends who call themselves gay Republicans. While I like them as people, I can't pretend to understand their political affiliation. It's basically a purse over handbag sort of thing: money trumps the gay. Now, I can sympathize with people who say things like, "does he have to be so gay all the time? Everything's about the gay. Gay, gay, gay!" Yes, we all know somebody who is "on" all the time. Most gay people don't think about gay issues nearly as much as your typical anti-gay voter, to be honest. We're just living our lives.

But, if your candidate is against gay marriage, supports DOMA, wants to re-introduce "don't ask, don't tell," is against ENDA, and supports the rights of the religious to discriminate in the open market, and you are gay yourself? You're a quisling. You're a turncoat. You're a traitor. Aren't you? Somebody explain to me how you aren't? It's one thing to say, "I'm not a single-issue voter," but another to vote against your own self interest. I will never understand gay Republicans.


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On Booze, Meth, Suicide... and GOProud

. . .Which kindasorta brings me to my recent dustup with GOProud. The hard-right gay Republican organization—a rightwing front group that exists to pinkwash the GOP—endorsed Mitt Romney last week. Romney, of course, opposes marriage equality. Romney supports DOMA. Romney has pledged to write anti-gay bigotry into the U.S. Constitution. Romney opposed the repeal of DADT. Romney opposes the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Romney opposes adoptions by same-sex couples. GOProud's endorsement of Romney, while not a surprise, was annoying, and it prompted me to send out this tweet: "The GOP's house faggots grab their ankles, right on cue. Pathetic. . ."

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  1. I suspect a lot of gay Republicans had to hide their true selves from their families while growing up. They are probably not out to all of their relatives. They are unable to bring their partner to Thanksgiving at grandma's. They may feel that is the normal way to live, and that it if was good enough for them, it should be good enough for the next generation of gay Americans. The closet is like a security blanket for them, and they want to preserve it.

  2. In some cases, you're probably right. But I have friends who are out to everybody, not closeted at all. And they're still outspokenly conservative, to the point of barely being able to contain themselves on conservative topics.

  3. I'm sorry but I disagree with you. There are many issues out there on why a person should be a liberal, conservative or something in between.
    I look at myself as an example. I should be a screaming liberal but I am not.
    I am a union member, school teacher in a inner city school who works with minorities, am not rich etc, but I am conservative because I don't believe in welfare except in emergencies, I think businesses create jobs, not government, I think the government is over bloated, I think taxes are too high, i think a person should get ahead because of who they are not the color of their skin or other affirmative action group etc.
    Look at the poor inner city blacks right now. Forever, they have voted for Democrats and where has it got them? Highest unemployment, poorest living conditions, poverty beyond belief, high teen age pregnancy rate, high abortion rate and more. And what have the Democrats done for them other than to make promises and now that Obama is in office, he doesn't want to do have anything to do with them. When was the last time Obama visited an inner city area? He hasn't, probably since he was elected president. The blacks have committed economic suicide by sucking up to the Democratic party and they don't get anything back in return except being shit upon.

  4. That's okay, Dan, you are always free to disagree! But I still don't get it, as it pertains to gay conservatives. I understand the conservative part, I don't understand the "voting for people who are openly hostile to you, and will implement policies that are directly detrimental to your life."

    I will turn your question around: what have Republicans ever done for inner city minorities? Or gay people either? I will never trumpet Democrats for their infallibility. I just see the Republicans as oh-so-much worse. What have the Republicans done for YOU? And where have their proposed policies ever worked as advertised?

  5. Did you know Ronald Reagan was a huge supporter of gay rights and Bush 1 or 2, can't remember has spent billions on AIDS. Romney was governor when gay marriage was legalized in MA.
    As far as inner city help, they have tried many things to get inner city youth working and trying to get businesses to invest in inner cities. They have tried to get good schools in inner city schools. Have their ideas worked, for the most part, but in part because of the culture of inner city politics.

  6. I might add, if Romney was smart and I mean was smart, he would be hammering Obama on ignoring the inner cities and poor areas of the country.
    But sadly, Romney and the GOP are ignoring this.

  7. Reagan didn't event mention AIDS by name until 1987, earning him an eternal black mark in many peoples' books. Romney has pledged to support re-instituting Don't Ask Don't Tell, supports DOMA, is against ENDA and fired a gay foreign policy spokesman. He was Governor when Mass. passed gay marriage, but he was outspoken against it. I don't see how a gay person could vote for him with that record.

    I don't know about this inner city thing. I don't know where it's been an issue. Is there a clamor for him to visit inner cities? Where has this been an issue? I haven't heard anything about it.


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