Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Obama's Romney Debate Practice Stand-in: John Kerry

Well, this is interesting. Not only is John Kerry a great choice as a Mitt Romney stand-in in debate practice, he's a great analogue to the candidate himself.

Do you remember the criticism of Kerry?  I'm referring to when they weren't criticizing his looks or his wife. Yes, it was his elitism. This wealthy, out-of-touch, upper-crust, elitist. Forget that he was a war hero, he was not a guy you could sit down and have a beer with. Forget that George W. Bush was an alcoholic. Curious how that stuff isn't coming up this time, isn't it?


Obama picks John Kerry to play Romney in mock debate rehearsals

President Obama has tapped Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, to play Republican Mitt Romney in mock debate rehearsals, Obama campaign officials and the senator’s office confirmed Monday. . .

Read more at: Washington Post


  1. Is Obama trying to throw the election?
    Kerry isn't a bright fellow and I would think they could find a better debater in Congress or other places than Kerry.

  2. Well, I'd disagree that he isn't a bright fellow. I'd say he isn't a charismatic fellow. And with that--along with his station in life and other similarities--he's the perfect faux Romney. In fact, I'd turn that around. YOUR guy is the Republican version of Kerry (kinda like, I'm rubber, you're glue. . .) :)


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