Thursday, March 10, 2011

Next Airplane Trip: Hold Your Breath in the Lavatory!

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And not for the reason you may be thinking of! No, it would seem that if there's an emergency involving decompression, you will no longer have a functional oxygen supply if you happen to be stuck on the potty. So sad for you. Should've gone when you had the chance.


FAA: No more emergency oxygen in airplane lavatories

Citing security concerns, the federal government in secrecy last month ordered every airline in the United States to remove emergency oxygen in every lavatory on all 6,000 domestic commercial aircraft.

Under Air Worthiness Directive 2011-04-09, made public this week, the Federal Aviation Administration directed all airlines to disable the lavatory oxygen generators to "eliminate a potential safety and security vulnerability. . .”

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  1. I'm attending helicopter flight training schools right now, and I know helicopters are different from planes, but why would the government do that? I don't really see the point. Are those oxygen masks costing them money?


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